Pizza Secret is a new restaurant located just a few blocks away from Barclay Center Stadium. 72 5th avenue Brooklyn New York 11217, is the address where you can feel in Italy for the lovely atmosphere, the restaurant has a really cozy vibe, full of plants, and the main attraction is our wood brick oven that is one of the oldest fired oven in New York. You can smell our pizza as soon you walk in and the lovely Italian background music, with a romantic candle touch.

This Magical corner is inspired on bringing you travel to Naples Italy, all of our ingredients are imported from Italy, Rosario loves to create new pizzas with fresh and seasoning ingredients.

We have an authentic Italian wine list and one of our favorite wine is called gragnano, also we empowered cocktails and the Italian soft drinks, and our lovely Italian coffee make our space so unique.

Rosario is recognized in social media as Pizza secret, he shared his passion doing videos and photos for years now. We are here to share our love for pizza and our unique gourmet pizzas in town, he likes to experiment and take the best of the freshness of each delicious pizza, the secret is his dough!!



Rosario is born in Naples, Italy. He is a third generation of pizzaiolos.

His family owns one of the oldest pizzeria in the heart of Naples.

Rosario felt in love with pizza since he is 5 years old, as his first xmas gift, was a little pizza oven, since then he has always share his passion, he used to work for 7 years at eataly (on 5th avenue) and he is so proud to share Naples in Brooklyn.